About Keiko

A Japanese by birth, Keiko Watanabe is an established Kuchipudi artiste with an experience of a decade and a half. She is an outstanding solo artiste of merit having mastered this classical style with an innate interest and utmost devotion.

From 1996 she has been learning under Guru Sathyapriya Ramana and Guru Sailaja,and presently she is training under Guru Uma Muralikrishna and Guru Vani and Jai  Kishore Mosalikanti.

Keiko has performed extensively in India and Japan and is a cultural ambassador in promoting this great art form.

Keiko is the artistic director of Keiko Academy of Excellence in Kuchipudi at Tokyo.

Best Dancer Endowment Award in 2004  from the Krishna Gana Sabha , Chennai, India